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Consulting Services: Marketing

The American market represents the pinnacle of lucrative target markets for many tourism destinations and products. However, the task of penetrating the U.S. Market can seem impossible. With a country so large in both geographic size and population, and so varied culturally from region to region, the ability to effectively reach all demographic groups becomes paramount to success.  
SmarterCMS possess extensive market knowledge and hands-on experience nationwide. We have maximized the sales of travel agencies by building upon, first, each individual agency's unique strengths, personality and position within the local market and, secondly, broad national trends of the various ethnic groups around the U.S. Through our efforts, we are achieving two important goals; adding a heightened multi-cultural presence to the travel trade and bolstering overall sales with the addition of many new travel consumers.  
Further, our presence throughout the country makes us acutely aware of the subtle nuances inherent in regional and age differences in population. What sells in New York does not necessarily sell in Mesa; what a retiree purchases is not what a honeymooner is seeking. Realizing these demographic factors, we tailor marketing plans to reach target audiences. The strength of this philosophy is substantiated by results found not only in the travel industry, but across all consumer markets.

Brand Management
We work with some of the world's most recognizable tourism brands, providing a broad range of production, distribution and corporate identity services. Our brand management expertise assures quality and consistency in the development and integrity of your brand.

Complete Advertising Development
Be it for trade or consumer advertising, our team of professionals will create complete advertising campaigns to captivate your target audience and turn them into customers. Customer acquisition is our specialty and a professionally built advertising campaign is key to your success.

Strategic Partnership Marketing
By combining forces with some of America's leading household name brands, your brand and organization will benefit directly from the association. We work with dozens of organizations from credit card companies to apparel companies to long distance telephone carriers.

Media Buying & Placement
Bulk buying and a knowledge of today's media industry allow us to strategically buy media at the most cost effective rates.

Graphic Design & Digital Brochures
Whether you need a flyer or a series of 100-page brochures, our team of professional graphics designers and art directors will prepare exactly what you are looking for, on time and within your budget. We've helped companies of all sizes by using compelling and innovative graphic design solutions created with one purpose in mind: to improve our clients' business results. We are your one source for all your design needs:

Tradeshow Booth Graphics
Media Kits
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