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Consulting Services: Technology Consulting

The changes in Technology are endless. As always, with new technology comes new challenges. The travel industry has, until recently, remained behind the times with respect to technology. Those companies willing to seize the potential of new technologies, though, have a marked advantage over those with a more static outlook to the future.  
The Internet stands as the most visible new advancement in the travel industry. As people become more savvy using the net and at the same time have less and less free time, turning to the Internet is increasingly becoming their first travel resource option. The advantages of a website are manifold: common procedures can be automated, 24 hour information access, increased visibility, interconnectivity with other travel industry groups, a forward-looking image, an easy method of obtaining and gauging feedback, etc. With our industry experience and an entire division dedicated solely to Internet development, SmarterCMS furnish top quality Internet materials with an insiders' eye for travel related details.  
Not as visible but just as important, back office technology can increase productivity. Office equipment has changed drastically in recent years and subsequently, so has the standard for communication. Mastering the technology of modern communications systems, because of their complexity, often presents a formidable obstacle for companies. SmarterCMS utilizes a skilled team knowledgeable in both the hardware and personal training required to return maximum yield from your sales force.  
An organization with telephone intensive contacts can greatly increase its performance with the implementation of an advanced communications system utilized by a staff well versed in the skills of telephony. Similarly, a company emphasizing in person sales can improve productivity by having its personnel trained in effective one on one and group presentation skills. In addition, both types of companies need a strong internal communication infrastructure. SmarterCMS provides individual outlines for companies on how to make the most of their unique method of operation.

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