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Solutions: Real Estate CMS

Built for the small to mid sized or independent realtor, this version of SmarterCMS is perfect for those realtors who want to load their listings (commercial or residential) to their website fast. Include descriptions, interior and exterior images, availability dates, pricing and more. Immediately after loading, send an email out to all your potential clients with links to the new listings.

SmarterCMS allows you to manage and load:
Commercial and residential listings (with property descriptions, classifications, details, etc.)
New Listings
Press Releases
FAQ’s - Frequently Asked Questions

Track email promotions in real time.
Send targeted emails to inquiries and leads.
Manage your lead / inquiry database.

There’s simply no faster, more efficient way to load information and data onto your website, generate leads and email potential customers with special offers. SmarterCMS gives you an incredible, affordable competitive advantage.